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Rijopleiding in Stappen

The Driving Training in Steps (Rijles in stappen AKA ris) is a modern teaching method with a very high success rate. If you choose this modern driving course, you will be better prepared to participate in traffic!


The advantages at a glance:
• Much higher success rate
• Fast through step-by-step approach
• Circuit training as part of the training
• Insight into your progress using the student card
• Learn to map out and drive a route independently

How does Driving Training in Steps work?

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The name actually says it all. With Driving Training in Steps you learn in steps. You always go one step further, if you have mastered the previous step sufficiently. You usually take your first step at home, where you prepare your driving lesson yourself. Your last step is that you can plan and drive your route independently and safely. In all circumstances.

Four Modules

The training is divided into four modules. Each module is concluded with a test. After completing the first module, your knowledge and skills will be tested. A driving instructor from your own trusted driving school will take this test.

In the second and third test you will become acquainted with the state of affairs at the CBR. So get used to an exam situation. The examiner also gives you tips for improvement. In the third test, the interim test (Tussentijdse toets AKA TTT), you can earn an exemption for the special activities of the practical exam. The fourth and final test is the practical exam.


You learn to drive in the Driving Training in Steps in various actions. These actions are described in so-called scripts, 46 in total. For example, a script deals with driving away, turning or being overtaken.

With this method, you use a textbook to learn these scripts. Such a script accurately describes the parts of the action in telegram style. A script is like a checklist: you go through all the steps neatly. Your instructor, the examiner and you all speak the same language. And that prevents a lot of confusion.

Student card
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In the RIS you will receive your own student card. The instructor then accurately records your progress. This allows you to see for yourself how you are doing and what you still need to work on. After almost every lesson, another progress is noted on your card. The student card is included with the course book that you must purchase.

Preparing for the exam

Unlike a regular driving course, the RIS has three partial tests before you take the practical exam. After a test you know exactly what you need to pay extra attention to. This is optimal preparation for the next test or exam.

If you have passed your theory exam, you can take the third test. In this test, the so-called interim test, you can also earn an exemption for the special activities on your practical exam.

You are supposed to prepare for your driving lessons at home. The time it takes is different for everyone. If you start the lesson well prepared, your instructor will have to explain less theory to you. Which makes you stand still less! So, drive!

Authorize Rijschool Rijbewijs Plan with DigiD

Before applying for the driving test, permission must first be received from the student. This can be done with an authorization. The authorization offers several advantages. After authorization, the student will immediately receive a message if the driving school has reserved the exam or if the exam is postponed. The student can then immediately buy, fill in and send the Personal Statement (EV).

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