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Are you looking for a plan but is it not listed? Please feel free to contact us. Together we can see what suits you best. It is also possible with us to follow a crash course in, for example, 10 days. Do you have a question about the rates? Then call us. We are happy to talk to you.

​Can't pay for a package in one go? Don't worry, because you can always pay in installments with us. That way we don't lose sight of your goal and that is of course to let you get your driver's license. Together we ensure that you can get on the road quickly but also safely. Choose your package or call us for more information

Trial lesson

Seperate lesson manual

Seperate lesson automatic

Lesson price in a plan

Car rent

Car rent driving exam

€ 40,00

€ 60,00

€ 60,00

€ 50,00

€ 50,00

€ 50,00

Exams CBR

Driving exam incl. car rent

Exam re-take

T.T.T. (interim test)

Test anxiety exam (CBR/Bnor)

€ 310,00

€ 320,00

€ 260,00

€ 375,00


Day course theory

Theory lessons in class

Theory lesson individual

Theory Exams

Theory Exam Individual

Theory Exam in other languages

€ 140,00

€ 170,00

€ 40,00

€ 46,00

€ 90,00

€ 90,00

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