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Voor goedkoop rijles ben je bij autorijschool Rijbewijs Plan bij het juiste adres.

  • What can you expect in a practical exam?
    A practical exam takes about 55 minutes. This includes a before and after meeting. The drive itself takes about 35 minutes. CBR would like to see that you can participate in traffic “safely, smoothly and independently”. You can expect a number of assignments during your exam: 2 special operations, such as a parking command, reversing command, stop command or slope test. One part where you have to drive independently, such as a navigation assignment, cluster assignment or a landmark. And a situation inquiry. You also drive a piece in the inner built-up area, outside the built-up area and a piece of highway. If you want more information, you can of course always contact us via our contact details.
  • How does the crash course work. What do I have to do for this?
    If you want to sign up for a speedy plan, make sure you have your theory certificate! You need the theory certificate before we can schedule the practical exam. Of course you can always request a trial lesson first so that you know how many lessons are needed in the crash course. However, always expect a waiting time. There is always an average waiting time of 6-8 weeks between the application for the practical exam and the actual exam. A crash course is therefore always scheduled well in advance, especially when you want to take lessons during the summer period! For more information, see the crash course page. As soon as we have requested the practical exam, you will start with the crash course in the last 2-3 weeks before the exam and you will then take your practical exam on the last day.
  • Who will be my driving instructor?
    At Rijschool Rijbewijs Plan you get a permanent instructor. The instructor keeps track of your progress and you don't always have a new face in front of you. A permanent instructor also knows exactly what your qualities are and can estimate when you are ready for the exam.
  • Is the trial lesson free?
    The trial lesson followed by a consultation costs €40. If you then decide to continue with the training and your advice is more than 20 lessons, the trial lesson will be deducted from your invoice. In this case, the trial lesson is FREE! The trial lesson is not free with certain promotions and promotions. View the promotional conditions.
  • How many mistakes can you have on your theory exam?
    Hazard recognition: 25 questions, where you can have a maximum of 12 mistakes. Traffic rules and traffic insight: 40 questions, where you can have a maximum of 5 mistakes. Your theory is valid for one and a half years since the date you passed. ​​​​​​​ Most candidates find the hazard perception questions quite difficult. You will receive photos with traffic situations in which you have 3 options, do nothing, release the gas or brake. Theory candidates usually find it difficult to assess such situations correctly. That is why we advise you to do your theory and practical lessons at the same time. This way you get to know the situations in both ways, making it easier on your theory exam.
  • I cannot find the cost of a package on the website.
    You will only find out exactly what the training will cost after taking a trial lesson. During the trial lesson, a good estimate is made of the number of lessons you need, this is also called your entry level. During the consultation, we make a tailor-made offer, based on your entry level. After the trial lesson you know what the costs are of the driving course.
  • Am I immediately committed to a lesson package after a trial lesson?
    After the trial lesson you are not immediately tied to a package. You keep the choice whether you want to continue or not.
  • Why is the Rijschool Rijbewiijsplan more expensive than other driving courses?
    Our lesson price is on average slightly higher than the lesson price at other driving schools because we think it is very important to go the extra mile for our students during driving training. We are convinced of our instructors and teaching method. If you do not pass after you have taken the number of lessons that we have advised you in your personal lesson advice for category B, you will receive € 50. This way you save even more on your driving test (re-exam). Of course you can always call and email us to get answers to your questions.
  • Do I need to have my theory certificate first before I can take lessons?
    No, you do not need to have obtained a theory certificate before you start taking lessons. We do recommend that you combine your theory with your lessons. This way you learn more and you can find things in practice and vice versa. You must have obtained your theory certificate before you can take the exam.
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